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Al-Azizia villas
Al-Azizia Paradise
Al-Azizia Gardens
Khan Al-Azizia

 It is the first project for the company. It lies at the beginning of Cairo-Alex Desert Road, only three minutes away from the pyramids and next to Oasis Hotel.

The Project consists of special compound of villas on an area of 10 feddans holding 40 villas with total built area of 28800m2 . Each villa has its private garden in addition to a recreation area with swimming pools, gardens, and a group of fountains to serve the owners of the villas. The project has also got a mosque.

The Project had been finished and delivered to the owners on the highest specifications and finishing levels.

Al-Azizia Villas 1

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Al-Azizia Villas 2
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Al-Azizia Villas 3
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