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Bullet This project is the root for a new town with a high standard community of total area 2,683,000m2 , located only 30 min. from Down Town Cairo on the Alex-Cairo desert road. To see its relevant location click here

Bullet IT has the characteristics of a small town atmosphere with clean air and surrounded by beautiful fruit trees of peaches, apples, apricots, date palms and grapes which gives the place green areas to make the place more luxury.

Bullet 60 villas, each with different styles to suit each customers needs, located on either 8,400 m2 or 16,800 m2 of producing fruit land. Each with its own private swimming pool and peaceful garden.

Bullet "Al-Azizia Gardens development " has complete infrastructure, with more than 25 km. of internal paved roads, streetlights and curbs. Permanent off site electrical power supply, deep-water wells providing clean safe drinking and irrigation water, as well as emergency generator power supply.