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Al-Azizia villas
Al-Azizia Paradise
Al-Azizia Gardens
Khan Al-Azizia

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Bullet It is a distinguished villas plaza project located directly in front of the oasis hotel, and three minutes far from the pyramids. To see its relevant location click here  

Bullet Unique in design, this residential compound is divided in-to five subdivisions each with its own distinctive style. 57 villas with private and common swimming pools, gardens and green areas.

Bullet Due to the nature of the location the villas have panorama view of greater Cairo and the great pyramid of Giza.

Bullet Once you enters the gate entrance you find villas surrounded by private gardens and palm trees overlooking a common recreation area and large swimming pools.

Bullet These villas are designed to fit every family's needs size ranging from 400 m2, up-to 600 m2 of living space