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Al Azizia company for marketing- a limited liability company-was established according to the provisions of law no.159 of 1981,amended by law no. 3 of 1998 and was registered at the commercial register under no. 2348(Giza Governorate) at January 27,2000.

The main activity of Al –Azizia company for marketing is the establishment of hotels, motels, residential suite apartments and touristic villages, touristic transportation, in addition to marketing activities related to the hotels and motels, buying, dividing and selling all kinds of land areas ,buying and constructing buildings, residential, industrial, administrative, commercial and touristic compounds and entertainment units including theatres ,sports centers etc.

Moreover,Al Azizia company for marketing is practicing various marketing ,advertising and commercial agencies activities.

Furthermore, the company has the right to enter into a partner ship with other local or foreign companies practioing similar activities ,or which support in achieving its main purpose and goals , in addition to merge with other entities or buy other units using its commercial name.

Investments of Al Azizia company for marketing:

The investments of AL Azizia Company for marketing for the amount of LE 6.25 Million representing 25% in the capital of the united group for highways development company (UGHD) joint stock company

Moreover , engineer Ashraf Sabry –Chairman- LE 3.75 million representing 50% of UGHD’S capital.

(The authorized capital of united group for highways development company amounts to LE 1,000 million, the issued capital LE 100 million and the paid-up capital LE 25 million).

The purpose of the united group for Highways Development is to execute infra-structure activities including water, electricity ,sewage ,roads, telecommunications, establishing and operating water purification stations, constructing water distribution networks and electricity stations.

Properties of Al Azizia company for marketing:

Al Azizia company for marketing owns the following:

  • Villas at company Al-Azizia paradise location that are rented according to limited time-period contracts determined by the relevant law regulations

  • Land areas amounting to 174 feddans.
  • Hotels and apartments in Khan Al Azizia Project (not yet included in the fixed assets as of September 30,2001)

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