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On Behalf of Al-Azizia group and myself I wish to welcome you to our website.As you browse through the following Web pages you will be able to view what our group has been able to accomplish in just a few short years. Through the efforts of our dedicated staff, we have been able to provide diversified development projects that reflect quality , value,unique designs and ideal locations .Our projects appeal to all classes of people in our society , not just the most affluent. We are proud of what our group has accomplished to date,and are committed to continue to provide what others can only dream of, development projects that reflect the vision of the twentyfirst century, without losing of our rich Egyptian Heritage.

Best regards,                          

Chairman: Eng. Ashraf Sabry


Al-AZIZIA Group is comprised of four specialized companies working in the field of real-estate development, investment, marketing and tourism.

Established in 1994 AL-AZIZIA Group has quickly become the standard of the industry in real-estate development
and marketing by breaking away from the typical real-estate development projects that have been previously available to the customer.

Al-AZIZIA developments offer the customer the chance of selecting the size, style, location and level of finishing available from already constructed, ready to finish properties. Thus allowing the customer to take possession in a few short weeks instead of months or even years contrary to what is offered by others in the industry.

The success Al-AZIZIA has achieved is unparalleled and can be attributed to the innovative designs, locations and marketing strategy, and all the time maintaining quality and value for the customer.

A Group of distinguished engineers specialized in all fields in addition to highly qualified consultants working in all fields.

Its aim:
Development in various ways like urban developments, tourist development, agricultural development, etc for reaching all what each Egyptian individual aims at.

Its Investments:
The turnover of capital has reached 500 million L. E. per year.